Dear Parents, 
The Transportation Department would like to inform you of what we have in place for the 23-24 school year.
We will continue to sanitize each bus after routes.
There will be no more than 2 students per seat with the exception to their size and relationship.
Students will be given assigned seating.
Bus seating arrangements will be permanent with no changes unless there would be an extenuating circumstance and it has been approved by the transportation supervisor.
If your child becomes ill you will need to make arrangements to pick up your child.
Your child will have one designated pick up location and one designated drop off location. This is to ensure that your child arrives to and from school safely. If varied daily arrangements are needed, it will be the parent's / guardian's responsibility to provide them.
An alternative form must be filled out and approved by the transportation department if your child requires being dropped off at a stop other than the one designated to him/her.
Alternative forms must be filled out on a year to year basis.
Transporting children to recreational activities such as birthday parties, sleepovers, or parent I babysitter vacations do not apply.
Any changes in transportation for your child must be approved by the Transportation Department.
Our guidelines can change at any time. Please visit this site for any changes.

If you have any questions regarding the above changes please feel free to contact Lisa Kramer at 330-927-7413.

Alternate Bus Stop Request Form

Bus Schedules

Parents, Please have children arrive 5 minutes prior to the bus arriving.

Key to the Bus Schedules:
RMHS = Middle School / High School 
RES = Elementary 


Updated 8/16/2023

Red Bus HS-MS

 Green Bus HS-MS

Blue Bus HS-MS

Purple Bus HS-MS

Career Center Bus will depart from  RHS at 7:15AM daily

Career Center Information

Due to the over whelming number of students living in the houses on and near Strawberry Hill and Hawk Ridge, we have decided to offer to drop children at these locations: the corner of Hawk Ridge and Windswept and the corner of Strawberry Hill and Windswept. Our Career Center Bus leaves from Rittman H.S. at 7:20 sharp. Students will be able to start loading at 7:15. Return time from the Career Center to the High school is around 3:05 - 3:10. Please understand that these times could change due to other transportation delays to and from the Career Center. The Career Center Bus will be Bus #4 and will be the very last bus in line at the H.S. We pick students up and drop from the H.S. / M.S. bus loop behind the schools.

Lisa Kramer

Bus Coordinator


Red Bus RES

Green Bus RES

Blue Bus RES

Purple Bus RES

Orange Bus RES