School Call-Off Information

The Rittman School District can use up to 5 days to cancel school without days being made-up.  After 5 days, staff and students will make up the missed school days beginning with February 18, April 15-18, then May 31, and June 3-7.  Two hour delays still allow the schools to meet the minimum number of hours required to count as a full school day. The decision to cancel or delay school is multifaceted.  Factors such as temperature, wind chill, road conditions, weather forecast, and transportation are all considered.  Multiple individuals in the school district assist in providing data and information to create a comprehensive overview of current conditions.  Student safety is the school’s main concern when making this challenging decision.  Wind chills at 15 degrees below zero are dangerous for extended periods of exposed skin (according to the National Weather Service Wind Chill Chart).  Delaying or canceling is not a decision that is made lightly. The decision is made with the most data and information to ensure our student arrive to school safely.