Learning Update July 29, 2020

Thank you for your ongoing patience and support as we continue to plan for the school year. The Rittman Schools are preparing our buildings for the return of students.  As we move forward, we wanted to clarify the following for you regarding face coverings:

Face coverings are required for all students on school transportation.  Face coverings are required students in grades 3-12 as they enter/exit the building, during class change (transitions) and waiting in the lunch serving line, but are not required at recess/physical education or while eating lunch.  As of this writing, the Governor’s recent state-wide order does not alter our local plan for school.   We assume that students will want to provide their own face covering and they should plan to bring a clean one every day.  The school will provide a face mask to students who cannot bring their own.  

We are asking for your help in the following ways:

1)      If you are opting for remote learning for any of your children, The REMOTE LEARNING FORM is due to the district by August 4, 2020, which is next week.  Please click this LINK to access the Rittman Protocols booklet, so you can revisit it and make a decision.  The remote learning form is the last page of the booklet.  Please return the form to the school office, or email it to us. 

2)      Students will be encouraged to have water bottles this year.  If your child has one that can be brought from home, please plan to do so.  The school will provide water bottles to students who cannot bring their own.

3)      Please update your FinalForms information from last year prior to the start of school.   You may access the Final Forms website HERE to log into your account.  You can also find a link to this page on our school website.


A final note, Grab-n-go meals will discontinue after July 31.


As we continue to prepare, we want you to know that we are putting the safety of students and staff as a priority.  Should you have questions, please feel free to email building administrators , Nick Evans (ritt_nevans@tccsa.net), Keri Hamsher (ritt_khamsher@tccsa.net)  or Shawna DeVoe (ritt_devoe@tccsa.net), or call the schools.  All school offices open on August 3, 2020.


Thank you,

The Rittman Schools Administration